How coding in Python is bad for you

Cecil Westerhof Cecil at
Fri Jan 27 05:54:19 EST 2017

On Friday 27 Jan 2017 05:07 CET, Brandon McCaig wrote:

> Hell, considering the code that I have seen in the wild it might
> even catch some extra errors that become syntax errors! It's not
> at all rare for indentation to not match in languages that don't
> require it to at least fit a pattern.

I remember that when I had to amend the code of a certain programmer I
always needed half a day to reformat his code. Because he was very
good in copy/paste, but I could not made head or tail of his code
because of the zig-zag of his code.

That is why I immediately like the indent rule of Python very much.

My only ‘problem’ was that I used to put debug statement at the
beginning of a line to see immediately what the debug statements
where. But that was a small price to pay. ;-)

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