Need reviews for my book on introductory python

bob gailer bgailer at
Fri Jan 27 15:17:14 EST 2017

On 1/25/2017 9:25 PM, Sandeep Nagar wrote:
> Hi,
> A few month ago I wrote a book on introductory python based on my experinces while teaching python to Bachelor students of engineering. It is now available in e-book and paperback format at Amazon.
> The book is written for beginners of python programming language and written in learn-by-doing manner. If some group members can review the same, it will be useful for myself to come up with an improved version.
Who is the publisher of this book?

I just took a look at the pages that can be viewed on Amazon. Many 
reactions. it is hard for me to write this, as it seems it would sound 
harsh, judgemental, unappreciative. But you did ask for a review, and 
this is my honest reaction.

I find it hard to read a book written by a non-native speaker of 
English. I an constantly having to overlook what to me are spelling, 
grammatical and vocabulary errors. I HIGHLY recommend you find an editor 
who can fix these errors.

When I pick up an "Introduction to ....." book I expect to get right 
into the language. History, interpreted vs compiled, examples in C, if 
included at all should go in an appendix.

I think you should be teaching Python 3 rather than 2. I disagree with 
your reasons for sticking with ver 2.
I, as a developer using Python for over 10 years, welcomed ver 3 and now 
use it exclusively.

Last sentence of 2.2 is confusing.

Section 2.3 you need to tell reader how to obtain a python prompt. The 
example is also confusing, since to most python users it looks like:
 >>> 2+4

The result of 2+4. does not appear.

sudo apt-get won't work on Windows. Tell the reader that this is how to 
do it in Unix, and show the Windows equivalent.

I would avoid showing from xxx import * as it is likely to cause 
confusion when a module so imported overwrites a built-in.

Bottom of p 23 (sys.sizeof(). How would a python newbie know to import sys?

I will stop here - there are many other issues.

I am, by degree, an engineer. If this were my introduction to python I 
probably would walk away from python, discouraged by how hard it is to 

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