Need reviews for my book on introductory python

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Fri Jan 27 17:09:54 EST 2017

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> On 27/01/2017 20:17, bob gailer wrote:
>> On 1/25/2017 9:25 PM, Sandeep Nagar wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> A few month ago I wrote a book on introductory python based on my
>>> experinces while teaching python to Bachelor students of engineering.
>>> It is now available in e-book and paperback format at Amazon.
>>> The book is written for beginners of python programming language and
>>> written in learn-by-doing manner. If some group members can review the
>>> same, it will be useful for myself to come up with an improved version.
>> Who is the publisher of this book?
>> I just took a look at the pages that can be viewed on Amazon. Many
>> reactions. it is hard for me to write this, as it seems it would sound
>> harsh, judgemental, unappreciative. But you did ask for a review, and
>> this is my honest reaction.
>> I find it hard to read a book written by a non-native speaker of
>> English. I an constantly having to overlook what to me are spelling,
>> grammatical and vocabulary errors. I HIGHLY recommend you find an editor
>> who can fix these errors.
>> Snap. I found it impossible to read and never got to the Python parts. It
> is not written in English. Most of the pronouns and conjunctions are
> missing. It looks like it has not been proof-read as words loose
> capitalisation, many are mis-spelt and grammar rules regarding plural cases
> and agreement are just ignored.
In addition to what other’s have said:
- congrats on taking the time to write a book and put it out for others.
- Introduction to Python section 2.1 starts with C example. Seems out of
- Search inside the book has 0 results for iterator -- how do you do Python
without iterators?
- Two references to generator, but they are random number generator
- Was confused by the switching in and out of numpy usage.
- And yes, Python3 is the way to go. Been writing Python since 1.5 and
about 90% of my new code is Python 3.5.

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