Need reviews for my book on introductory python

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Sat Jan 28 00:47:50 EST 2017

On Thursday, January 26, 2017 at 7:55:57 AM UTC+5:30, Sandeep Nagar wrote:
> Hi,
> A few month ago I wrote a book on introductory python based on my experinces while teaching python to Bachelor students of engineering. It is now available in e-book and paperback format at Amazon. 
> The book is written for beginners of python programming language and written in learn-by-doing manner. If some group members can review the same, it will be useful for myself to come up with an improved version.
> Other similar books of mine are based on Octave and Scilab with following links:
> (Scilab)
> (Octave)
> If you are interested in open source computing, please have a look. 

Friendly advice: Write a blog instead of, or at least before writing a book
Sure there are disadvantages... which are IMHO minor/unrealistic:
eg YOur intended audience has no access to internet. About as unrealistic as
them not having access to electricity

- Very low bar on entry
- Much finer granularity — one post vs one book
- Much tighter write→feedback→correct cycle: Minor corrections can be just 
edited in/out. Major additions get a new post
- More current medium “Medium is the message (or massage)!”
- Saves trees

[Personal note: I started blogging on programming related topics a few years ago:
Which crossed 50K hits a few months ago.
More gratifying, Ive received comments and thanks from people like Doug 
McIllroy, co-creator of Unix]

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