Reviews of book on introductory Python (was: Need reviews for my book on introductory python)

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Sat Jan 28 07:49:52 EST 2017

mm0fmf wrote:

> […] Python, the name of the language, is a proper noun and should be
> captialised. In the few pages I read, Python appears as "python" and
> "Python", randomly losing the capital letter. Lacking capitalisation
> would suggest to me that some or all words are consistently written
> without the capital letter such as always writing "united states of
> america".

I have not read the book, but it should be noted that lack of capitalisation 
can be intentional.   For example, “Python” would refer to the programming 
language, while “python” would refer to the command/program with which the 
language compiler/interpreter is executed.  The latter can appear in prose 
as well, and should, by contrast to the former, be set in a monospace type.

If it is truly capitalised randomly, though, as indicated by the OP’s 
Subject header field value (until before now repeated by everyone else), 
then it is of course badly written.


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