Fwd: What are your opinions on .NET Core vs Python?

Gerald Britton gerald.britton at gmail.com
Sun Jan 29 07:51:48 EST 2017

> As you guys might know, .NET Core is up and running, promising a
> "cross-platform, unified, fast, lightweight, modern and open source
> experience" (source: .NET Core official site). What do you guys think about
> it? Do you think it will be able to compete with and overcome Python in the
> opensource medium?

It's an apples/oranges comparison.

.NET is a library that can be used from many languages, including Python.
 (Not just IronPython, but also Python for .NET (pythonnet.sourceforge*.*net

Python is a language that can use many libraries, including .NET

The set of libraries that can be used from all the languages that can also
use .NET (out of the box, that is) is smaller.

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