How coding in Python is bad for you

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Sun Jan 29 08:17:43 EST 2017

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>>> Mark Lawrence.
>> I remember the old days of Python when it was just Perl's little brother.
>> Sometimes I feel moments of amazement whenever someone makes this much of an
>> effort to badmouth it (and this blog is definitely badmouthing it, very
>> little of criticism is reasonable).
> I think it's completely reasonable for anyone to criticise Python if they
> want (or any other computer language for that matter).
> (And it didn't cover that much; I could do a far more in-depth critique if I
> wanted.)
> What might be unreasonable is to criticise it in a /Python/ group full of
> language aficionados who are going to view every feature and quirk of the
> language in a good light; nothing is ever a problem!
> But the author of piece didn't post it here.

It's completely reasonable for someone to critique Python. It's not
reasonable to post a bunch of baseless FUD, regardless of your forum.

There's plenty in Python that you can legitimately criticise.
Sometimes you'll get a response of "actually this is good, because X,
Y, Z"; sometimes you get "well, what you suggest is marginally better,
but not enough to justify breaking backward compatibility"; and
sometimes you get "good point, maybe we can change that in the next
version - want to write a patch?". But when all your criticisms are
either (a) true of virtually every programming language, yet you claim
they're Python's faults; or (b) actually false, you just make yourself
look like a troll.


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