Display a label while pressing the button in my GUI

Peter Otten __peter__ at web.de
Mon Jan 30 10:25:11 EST 2017

Meeran Rizvi wrote:

>  I just want to save it as a xls file and also from xls file i need to get
>  the data and display in a text box.
> Or either i just display the output in my text widget and also save it as
> an xls file

What exactly you want to do is up to you; just try your hands at it and come 
back here when you run into problems.
Keep in mind that whatever you do in the GUI thread you should only spend a 
small amount of time on it at once. 

If the task is big break it into parts, e. g. instead of reading a complete 
web page or file break it into smaller blocks that you insert into the 
widget one after another.

As to the XLS file, I recommend that you first try the conversion from HTML 
to XLS in a small separate script that reads HTML from a file on your 
computer. Once it works is should be easy to integrate a working conversion 
function into a working Search GUI.

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