What are your opinions on .NET Core vs Python?

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> >* As you guys might know, .NET Core is up and running, promising a "cross-platform, unified, fast, lightweight, modern and open source experience" (source: .NET Core official site). What do you guys think about it? Do you think it will be able to compete with and overcome Python in the opensource medium?
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Oh, I forgot to say, I was indeed talking about .NET Core in general,
> the framework, but I also had C#/ASP .NET Core in mind. The real
> comparison here would be C#/ASP .NET Core vs Python/Django,Flask. I
> personally had to work with C# a few times, it's a great language, but
> my main problem was that it was Windows only and most of my personal
> programs run on Linux. Yes, we have Mono, but it really didn't feel
> "right" to me, it seemed like a workaround, I wanted something really
> "native".

Python still has my heart, but .NET Core tempts me. One great thing of
> coding in C# would be no GIL.

For what it's worth, IronPython, which is implemented in .NET, has no GIL
and doesn't need it since ir runs on the CLR.  That means that, for some
things, IronPython can be more performant.

No word yet if the IronPython project intends to port to .NET core or
enable to run it on OS's other than Windows.

Also, it's worth noting that the PythonNet project has a branch working on
.NET core support

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