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Ben Finney ben+python at
Tue Jan 31 18:39:21 EST 2017

Paul Wolf <paulwolf333 at> writes:

> I've created a command line utility for managing text files. It's
> written in Python: […]

Thank you.

> The key aspects are 
> * Entirely command-line driven
> * Text documents only with a slight preference for Markdown

The Python community has a stronger (?) preference for reStructuredText
format. Can that be the default?

That is, I want my text files to be named ‘foo’ (no suffix) or ‘foo.txt’
(because they're primarily text), and have the default be to parse them
as reStructuredText.

> I'd be interested in feedback if there is any interest in using this
> kind of utility. I'll expose a python API so bulk operations can be
> done easily on the command line or via scripts.

This is a great way to start!

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