asyncio does not always show the full traceback

Frank Millman frank at
Wed Mar 1 00:39:19 EST 2017

John Ladasky wrote in message 
news:72209011-db09-4ba2-9c5b-f576a30e2d09 at

> > Does anyone know what I must change to get the full traceback?
> Three years ago, I had a similar issue with incomplete tracebacks while 
> using multiprocessing.Pool.  The discussion is here:
> Other, better Python programmers than myself were treating this as a bug 
> that needed to be fixed, and were doing so for Python 3.4.  The linked 
> discussion contains a link to the developers' bug reports.  It appears 
> that the bug was addressed, but I don't know if it was backported to every 
> version of Python.  What version of Python are you using?

I am using 3.6, so maybe it is a different issue, or maybe a similar one but 
the fix was not applied to the asyncio module.

I will study the thread you quoted, and report back.



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