spam issue

Cholo Lennon chololennon at
Thu Mar 2 13:31:32 EST 2017

On 02/03/17 13:08, Andrew Zyman wrote:
> Why is this group have such an obscene number of spam posts ?
> I'm subscribed to a few other google groups and this is the only one that has this issue.

Google groups act like a "web frontend" for nntp protocol (on which this 
group is based). I suppose Google doesn't filter spam messages in its 
interface. Try using a newsreader like Mozilla Thunderbird and point it 
to a news server. In my case I use "", it's free and it 
doesn't have spam. The only minor problem is its retention policy (a 
couple of months or so, but any newsreader can cache messages in your 
computer the time you want)


Cholo Lennon

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