asyncio does not always show the full traceback

Frank Millman frank at
Fri Mar 3 00:40:07 EST 2017

"INADA Naoki"  wrote in message 
news:CAEfz+Tz8hVwmh5CF17mv3aCcdqThj1AXDDga8UmnZnUUWESbfg at

> > For completeness, if I place '1/0' in aenum(), I get exactly the same
> > traceback as the first one above.
> >
> I can't reproduce it too.
> Did you 3.6.0 this time?  Or did you used 3.6b4 again?
> Please don't use beta when asking question or reporting bug.

My humble apologies. I had downloaded 3.6.0 for Windows, and I really 
thought I had installed it, but I was running 3.6.0b4 on Windows as well :-(

I confirm that after downloading and installing the correct version on both 
platforms, the problem no longer exists.

Sorry for wasting your time.


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