How to access installed scripts on Windows?

ddbug pavel.aronsky at
Sat Mar 4 21:35:38 EST 2017

Thank you eryk sun for the reply.

I am not so concerned by installing modules as by installing scripts ('entry points'). Per user.

If the Windows GUI installer can add the per-user script dirs to PATH it may be acceptable solution.

> The installer has an option to update PATH to include
> this Scripts directory.

Is this the checkbox on the Advanced Options page, "Add Python to environment variables"?  
In my copy of 64-bit v3.6 installer this is UNchecked by default, and the text looks a bit vague. Might read more precise.

> You can also develop using venv virtual environments. You can symlink
> or shell-shortcut to the activation script of a virtual environment.

Interesting idea. But I have not seen any installers or guidance how to deploy something packaged as a venv to users. Can you share any pointers please?
> I dislike the idea of automatically searching script directories, but
> there could be a command-line option for this.
I agree, but the current situation is dire IMHO. One of fundamental Python batteries is leaking :-(

Right now I'm looking at IDLE and trying to figure out whether it can be used to solve this problem (like, run IDLE with a special start script or extension that will make these user-local scripts easy discoverable .... Maybe a extension that adds a new GUI menu etc. )


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