Who still supports recent Python on shared hosting

Chris Angelico rosuav at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 21:54:10 EST 2017

On Mon, Mar 6, 2017 at 1:39 PM, John Nagle <nagle at animats.com> wrote:
> I'm looking for shared hosting that supports
> at least Python 3.4.
> Hostgator: Highest version is Python 3.2.
> Dreamhost: Highest version is Python 2.7.
> Bluehost: Install Python yourself.
> InMotion: Their documentation says 2.6.
> Is Python on shared hosting dead?
> I don't need a whole VM and something I
> have to sysadmin, just a small shared
> hosting account.

Heroku supports a number of Python versions:


I'm not sure how to list *every* supported Python version (the docs
only list the latest 2.7 and the latest 3.x at any given time), but I
poked around in https://lang-python.s3.amazonaws.com/ and found a
large number of versions that appear to be installable. You specify a
version with a file in your repository called "runtime.txt", and
they'll give you that version if they can, or kick back an error.


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