str.title() fails with words containing apostrophes

D'Arcy Cain darcy at
Mon Mar 6 01:31:30 EST 2017

On 2017-03-05 03:40 PM, Terry Reedy wrote:
>> import re
>> def title(string):
>>     return re.sub(r"\b'\w", lambda m:, string.title())
> Nice.  It lowercases a word char that follows an "'" that follows a word
> without an intervening non-word char. It passes this test:
> print(title("'time' isn't 'timeless'!"))
> 'Time' Isn't 'Timeless'!
> It guess the reason not to bake this exception into str.title is that it
> is language specific and could even be wrong if someone used "'" to
> separate words (perhaps in a different alphabet).

Or, it doesn't handle exceptions.

print title("My name is D'Arcy")


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