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Mon Mar 6 05:50:06 EST 2017

Ethan Furman <ethan at> writes:

> On 03/04/2017 09:09 PM, Ian Pilcher wrote:
> > Is it possible to get python-daemon to create "systemd style" PID
> > file?

Short answer: No, that's the job of whatever ‘pidfile’ object you

Medium answer: Yes, by implementing that behaviour in the object you
choose to present as the ‘pidfile’ option. The ‘python-lockfile’ library
is suggested as one implementation, but there are of course others.

Longer answer: Because ‘python-daemon’ is deliberately agnostic about
what the ‘pidfile’ object does, you can give it any behaviour you like.

The only thing the ‘DaemonContext.pidfile’ option is expected to do is
be a context manager; what happens when that context manager is entered
or exited is up to you.

> I know my library, pandaemonium [1], will allow you to write the pid
> file complete with the daemon's PID, and I would be very surprised if
> Ben's python-daemon did not also allow that.

It certainly allows it: put whatever behaviour your application needs in
the context manager's methods.

More about writing a context manager can be found at the documentation

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