How to access installed scripts on Windows?

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Fri Mar 10 13:55:06 EST 2017

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Thank you Paul and Eryk for your replies.

My goal is definitely to expose the Python to my users. I want them to read 
the code and modify as needed - much like people use shell scripts in Linux - but I cannot expect them to install a heavy IDE. This is surprisingly easy in Ubuntu. The 'default' pip installer just does the right thing. The scripts go where the user expects them to be (~/bin or ~/.local/bin) - everything just works. I want to achieve the same on Windows - and hit a small but annoying obstacle: the default install location is not on PATH and not easy discoverable. 

Zipped applications is a good option (provides isolation and easier to grasp than virtualenvs) - but then I can stop using pip as deployment method and tell the users to check out my stuff from our version control system to the location of their choice. If their working copy is not in PATH - no problem.

If/when we start to use 3rd party dependencies, I'll have to add the dependencies to my repository (kind of virtualenv) or ... learn to use the real virtualenv.

I'm now looking at IDLE, trying to understand if it may be helpful for my Windows users for quick start. It is *almost* useful - but small crucial bit is missing again: no Change directory command in the GUI! and no easy way to specify a small 'set-up' code snippet for startup and every reset of the shell. This seems possible via fumbling with command options in shortcuts... but that's really lame. Can I ask somebody familiar with IDLE to look at this? 

Thank you once more.

-- ddbug

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