Who are the "spacists"?

Jon Ribbens jon+usenet at unequivocal.eu
Sat Mar 18 13:13:30 EDT 2017

On 2017-03-18, Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2017-03-18, Mikhail V <mikhailwas at gmail.com> wrote:
>> How would one come to the idea to use spaces for indentation at all?
> Because tabs are a major security vulnerability and should be outlawed
> in all source code.

You forgot to mention that tabs are carcinogenic, can be addictive,
and hate our freedoms. If we use them, the terrorists win. Tabs can
settle during transit, and may contain traces of nuts. Tabs should
not be folded, spindled or mutilated. Tabs are vicious if wounded.
Remember, kids: Just Say No to the Invisible Menace.

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