Who are the "spacists"?

Marko Rauhamaa marko at pacujo.net
Sat Mar 18 20:52:54 EDT 2017

Nathan Ernst <nathan.ernst at gmail.com>:

> emacs, like Vim is very configurable. I'm sure there's an appropriate
> setting.
> Because 1 editor does it one way, doesn't mean the rest of the
> numerous editors should follow suit.

Correct. There's no universal standard so we have to declare a local one.

I have defined:

     '(indent-tabs-mode nil))

meaning: don't indent using ASCII HT characters.

> Personally, I dislike any editor that, by default, changes my input to
> something else. If I hit tab, I want a tab to be inserted, by default.
> If I want something else, I'll change the configuration.

Well, I have yet to find an editor that gives no interpretation to the
keys. For example, typing the "Esc" key in vi's insert mode will not
place an ESC character in the file. And even vi puts an LF in your file
if you should press the "Enter" key.

Of course, you are free to like or dislike any editor you want.


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