Who are the "spacists"?

Pavol Lisy pavol.lisy at gmail.com
Sun Mar 19 04:00:01 EDT 2017

On 3/19/17, Pavol Lisy <pavol.lisy at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3/18/17, Nathan Ernst <nathan.ernst at gmail.com> wrote:

> PS. I am "spacist" :P but I feel this a little more aggressive than is
> necessary too:
>> Feel free to start your own discussion forum for your new programming
>> language that forbids spaces for indentation. That language will never
>> be Python, so please don't ask us to discuss it here.
> I think there could be enough time to deprecate now and forbid tabs
> (or spaces) as indentation in python4.
> That doesn't mean I propose that! I only think that this transition
> could be technically possible so discussion is not necessary useless.

Sorry here I forgot to mention that citation above is from Ben
Finney's mail and not from Nathan's!

Anyway. I just made a simple and primitive analyze:

re.findall('^ '...) and re.findall('^\t'...) for more than 100k
py-files discoverable by find / -name "*.py" on my (ubuntu 16.04)

Anybody could see that it incorrectly finds lines in multiline strings
(and has maybe much more flaws) but it could be probably still

there are:
127 837 files where at least one line starts with space
   2 273 files where at least one line starts with tab
   1 192 files where are lines which starts with space and lines which
starts with tab

and there are:
35 144 893 lines which starts with space
   428 160 lines which starts with tab


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