Tabs are a security vulnerabilty [was Re: Who are the "spacists"?]

Mikhail V mikhailwas at
Sun Mar 19 12:52:20 EDT 2017

On 19 March 2017 at 01:32, Steve D'Aprano <steve+python at> wrote:
> On Sun, 19 Mar 2017 03:30 am, Grant Edwards wrote:
>> tabs are a major security vulnerability and should be outlawed
>> in all source code.
> I've heard many arguments both in favour of and against tabs, but I've never
> heard them described as a security vulnerability before. Let alone a major
> one.
> Got a citation or some more information?

Double that, I've googled and did not find anything.
Also it is not clear, since vulnerability can be only
for a particular executable that does something
with a file, not the file itslef.
I've heard some arguments aginst tabs also, but
it turned out that most of them are even not real.

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