Manager for project templates, that allows "incremental" feature addition

Lele Gaifax lele at
Wed Mar 22 05:40:36 EDT 2017

Paul  Moore <p.f.moore at> writes:

> I'm looking for a utility that is something like cookiecutter, in that it generates a "template" project for me. However, I would like the ability to have a template add content based on runtime questions, something like
>    Do you want to include a C extension? [yes/no]
>    ... adds Extension() to, adds a C source file, etc
>    Do you want to include tests? [yes/no]
>    ... add a test directory with a sample test
>    Tests to run under tox? [yes/no]
>    ... add tox support (this question shouldn't be asked if the previous answer was "no")
> As far as I know, this sort of feature isn't available in cookiecutter, nor is it planned.
> Does anyone know of any similar utility that has this feature?

This what I wrote and heavily use

It seems to fit some, but not all, of your requested features.

Hope this helps,
ciao, lele.
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