Announcing SCM Workbench 0.8.5 GUI for Git, Mercurial (hg) and Subversion (svn)

Barry Scott barry at
Wed Mar 22 06:40:47 EDT 2017

SCM Workbench features

	• Support Subversion (svn), Mercurial (hg) and Git projects.
	• Easy to learn and use
	• Built in User Guide describes the operation and features of the application.
	• Add project wizard can scan for all your existing projects.
	• All subversion client operations in a GUI
	• Many Git client operations in a GUI
	• GUI git rebase
	• Some mercurial (hg) client operations in a GUI
	• Enhanced operations (subversion rename of modified files etc)
	• Support software development workflow
	• Built in GUI diff showing line and character diffs
	• Ability to diff between commits in a files history
	• Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Unix platforms

Kits are available for Windows, macOS and Fedora.

Please visit for downloads and further information on SCM Workbench.

SCM Workbench is implemented in Python3 using PyQt5, pysvn, GitPython and hglib-python.


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