Recompilation of Python3.6.x

Thomas Nyberg tomuxiong at
Wed Mar 22 13:34:52 EDT 2017

On 03/22/2017 12:42 PM, Klaus Jantzen wrote:
> Hello,
> in order to have the Python-SQLite support available one has to
> recompile Python. For the recompiliation to succeed a number of
> 'modules/libs' have to be present.
> In the internet I found the following list
> build-essential
> libz-dev
> libreadline-dev
> libncursesw5-dev
> libssl-dev
> libgdbm-dev
> libsqlite3-dev
> libbz2-dev
> liblzma-dev
> tk-dev
> libdb-dev
> libc6-dev
> zlib
> After having installed these 'modules/libs' I recompiled Python3.6.1 and
> although the steps
> 'make', 'make test', and 'make install' produced some errors the
> sqlite3-support is available.
> My question: Is this list complete or are there superfluous items?
> My suggestion: Couldn't such a list be provided in the README file?

If you're using Ubuntu/debian, you could use `sudo apt-get build-dep 
python3.5` (might need another version depending upon what you have in 
your package manager). What that does is install the packages required 
to build the debian packages. Unless any new libraries are needed for 
3.6, you should be good.

I can't speak for the maintainers, but I don't think that providing such 
a list is super reasonable considering that there are many different OSs 
which have sometimes have slightly different library package names 
(though of course one could argue that Ubuntu/debian helps a lot of people).


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