Recompilation of Python3.6.x

Thomas Nyberg tomuxiong at
Wed Mar 22 16:34:15 EDT 2017

On 03/22/2017 03:22 PM, Jon Ribbens wrote:
> A simple table with a list of the library names, the debian package
> names, and the rpm names would provide the information in a way that
> would be useful to everyone.

I definitely agree, but it would be kind of difficult to maintain. I 
mean if you supported debian and redhat (should others be considered?), 
then who's responsibility is it to keep it up to date? And then for Macs 
would you use names from brew? For Windows what would be done there? 
Other systems? I might be over complicating things, but still it feels 
like this could quickly fall out of date (though I guess new libraries 
are introduced pretty rarely, so maybe this is an unfounded fear).

It's a bit hypothetical anyway. I guess if someone started gathering all 
of this information it could maybe be added? If not directly into the 
actual repository then maybe somewhere on the main python website. 
Having this would definitely be great, but I know I personally don't 
feel like doing the legwork...


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