Recompilation of Python3.6.x

Grant Edwards grant.b.edwards at
Wed Mar 22 16:45:45 EDT 2017

On 2017-03-22, Thomas Nyberg <tomuxiong at> wrote:
> On 03/22/2017 03:22 PM, Jon Ribbens wrote:

>> A simple table with a list of the library names, the debian package
>> names, and the rpm names would provide the information in a way that
>> would be useful to everyone.

A _simple_ table would be useful.  However, a _simple_ table is not

> I definitely agree, but it would be kind of difficult to maintain. I
> mean if you supported debian and redhat (should others be
> considered?),

And you would need table for each _version_ of each distribution
(libraries sometimes get combined/renamed/split).

And you would need tables showing which libraires are required for
which Python features: tkinter is optional, crypto is optional (or at
least used to be), etc.

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