PEOPLE! PLEASE! [ WAS: Re: Who are the "spacists"? ]

Michael Torrie torriem at
Sat Mar 25 19:01:49 EDT 2017

On 03/25/2017 01:40 PM, Gilmeh Serda wrote:
>>> So Python supports both spaces and tabs for indentation.
> People!
> This is as far from normal conversation about Python as it gets!
> Keep this shit to yourselves, PLEASE!
> Using an editor worth the name, makes it a non issue (since it can 
> convert between one and the other, Eclipse/LiClipse comes to mind). Get 
> real, and think before you post/send!

I agree, although this thread had pretty much died on its own before you
posted to it. Our troll seems to have slunk off, having done his
trolling.  Peace had returned it seemed.  Unless the mailing list mods
finally banned the guy... either way I haven't seen any posts in a while.

Also USENET has a long tradition of killfiles. And entire threads can be
muted on most clients, including e-mail clients. I recommend you and
everyone else use these tools.

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