Using/compiling pyuno with Python 3.6

Michael Torrie torriem at
Tue Mar 28 00:36:36 EDT 2017

On 03/27/2017 10:09 PM, filtered wrote:
> Sorry but all your answers are pointless.


> I clearly asked about compiling PyUno MYSELF with a self-compiled
> Python 3.6.1 installation. Is this so hard to understand? Why do you give
> unrelated comments to a clear questions? 

Sometimes clear questions don't have easy answers.  Or rather there's a
process of problem solving and Jim and I were exploring that process a
bit.  But I don't think any of us will go further with it now.  I did
find the source code for pyuno in the main LO tree, but it doesn't look
easy to build out of tree, but that's just at first glance.

I suspect you'll find better information on one of the LO mailing lists
or forums, provided you don't react to them as you have to this list!

> Sometimes it is better to be quiet.


Good luck.


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