Program uses twice as much memory in Python 3.6 than in Python 3.5

Jan Gosmann jan at
Wed Mar 29 16:19:08 EDT 2017

On 28 Mar 2017, at 14:21, INADA Naoki wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 12:29 AM, Jan Gosmann <jan at> 
> wrote:
> I suppose smaller and faster benchmark is better to others looking for 
> it.
> I already stopped the azure instance.
> [...]
> There are no maxrss difference in "smaller existing examples"?
> [...]
> I want to investigate RAM usage, without any swapping.

Running further trials indicate that the problem actually is related to 
swapping. If I reduce the model size in the benchmark slightly so that 
everything fits into the main memory, the problem disappears. Only when 
the memory usage exceeds the 32GB that I have, Python 3.6 will acquire 
way more memory (from the swap) than Python 3.5.


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