pip problems

Thomas Jollans tjol at tjol.eu
Mon Apr 9 10:06:59 EDT 2018

On 2018-04-08 02:45, Anton Alley wrote:
> (I am on Windows 10) When I install a new Python version, pip does not
> update all of the way. In the command line 'pip' still runs the old
> pip.exe, so I've had to manually move the new pip to C:\Windows .

Was there a pip.exe in C:\Windows? That doesn't sound right!

> It would be great if you fixed this for future python versions!
Does running "python" from the command line give you the right version?
I expect it's just a matter of the Pythons being installed side-by-side
and the old version taking precedence in the PATH.

Having multiple Python versions side-by-side can be a bit difficult at
times. I gather the standard advice on Windows is to call "py -3.6 -m
pip" and so on instead of "pip" most of the time, just to be sure.

Perhaps the Python installer should have an option to remove old Pythons
from the PATH. Maybe it does. I wouldn't know.

-- Thomas

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