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Tue Apr 10 06:03:05 EDT 2018

On Tuesday 10 April 2018 01:06:57 T Berger wrote:

> This is the first time I've joined a google group and I don't
> understand the setup. Why are most of the posts in this group
> unrelated to python, and how do I filter this junk (sorry) out?

google-groups is an spamvertizing madhouse.  Many send any incoming that 
originates there to /dev/null. It looks like you got thru because 
they've registered a new name that doesn't quite match my procmail 
rules. But as long as it stays on topic I won't add it to the ruleset 
just yet.

Python does have its own mailing list, and if you are genuinely 
interested in python and aren't put off by snarky comments as students 
try to get somebody else to do their homework for them, please join that 
mailing list. From the headers of this message:

Precedence: list

List-Id: General discussion list for the Python programming language

List-Unsubscribe: <>,
 <mailto:python-list-request at>

List-Archive: <>

List-Post: <mailto:python-list at>

List-Help: <mailto:python-list-request at>

List-Subscribe: <>,
 <mailto:python-list-request at>

Subscribing to this list at the above address will do a lot of filtering 
for you. Ditch google-groups.

Cheers, Gene Heskett
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