Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm

Priya Singh sapna.intell at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 02:38:04 EDT 2018

Good morning. 
I need some suggestion from you if you have encountered this problem ever.

I have two 2D arrays one R and another T (which is also a 2D array).
Do you know how can I fit T with R in order to find central
coordinate x0,y0 for T relative to R???

So the main question is do you know in python how can I fit two 2D arrays to find 
x0,y0 for one array relative to other. I shall use LM fit in python. But for fitting, I need to have some fittable model but here I am having only two 2D arrays. I know simple cross-correlation would have solved my problem but I have been instructed to do fitting using one array to other.

Any comment or suggestion would be helpful. Thanks in advanced.


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