Filtering computer.lang.python

Skip Montanaro skip.montanaro at
Wed Apr 11 19:46:32 EDT 2018

> I fetch comp.lang.python from eternal.september with leafnode, and after
> 30 years of Usenet I recently had to install a news filter to remove the
> garbage.  After the initial flurry the filter doesn't need much updating,
> but here's why it's necessary:
> for totals of 2168 fetched and 4384 killed; that is, the group
> is now 2/3 spam and the volume doesn't seem to be decreasing.
> I don't understand why other groups gatewayed to Google Groups
> aren't spammed, but from a limited sample they don't seem to be.

Just a thought, but you could maybe use SpamBayes to write your own
spam filter for comp.lang.python. The gate_news program on does just that, using the training database I
maintain. If anyone is interested, contact me. I can help set you up
with the gate_news code.


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