How to write partial of a buffer which was returned from a C function to a file?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Thu Apr 12 02:28:53 EDT 2018

On 11Apr2018 21:16, jfong at <jfong at> wrote:
>This C function returns a buffer which I declared it as a ctypes.c_char_p. The buffer has size 0x10000 bytes long and the valid data may vary from a few bytes to the whole size.

Could you show us the function?

>In every call I know how much the valid data size is, but I suppose I can't 
>use slice to get it because there may be zero byte in it. What to do?

Why not just return bytes? Allocate one of the correct size and copy the bytes 
into it, then return?

Of course it is all hard to say without seeing some actual code.

Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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