Issue with python365.chm on window 7

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Tue Apr 24 08:15:50 EDT 2018

see my comments below denoted by +++++

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This is a good place to start.

> But I downloaded .chm version of the Python guide and found that it is 
> working in windows 7

How did you download it?

++++I downloaded it from the site

How did you try to make it 'work'?
++++Nothing yet
What did it do instead?
++++Used the web resources... but I am looking for an offline resources. I 
anticipate I will be in an area that I will not have access to the 
internet soon.
Have you successfully run Python Windows Help before?
++++I have used windows help files before and they work fine. In fact I 
can user the windows help file that came installed with version of python.
    the one that I download of the web site is the problem.

I installed 64-bit 3.6.5 on Win 10 with the .exe installer.
I run it by clicking on Python 3.6 => Python 3.6 Manuals in the Win10 
version of what was Start Menu.  The icon is a notebook page with 
question mark.  Window like it has for over a decade, with sidebar on 

If anyone else has 3.6.5 (the latest 3.6) on Win 7, what to you see?
++++ if I go that route above I can see a working help file on windows 
which is a successful workround for me.
     the one you download from the website by itself I still cannot open.

Terry Jan Reedy


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