The perils of multiple Pythons

Tim Chase python.list at
Mon Apr 30 17:16:25 EDT 2018

On 2018-05-01 06:40, Chris Angelico wrote:
>>> >>
>> I feel like this problem is pretty handily solved by virtual
>> environments. Also, if a single project requires all of this,
>> perhaps Python isn't the best choice for the project.  
> Some of it is definitely solved by venvs. But which Python binary do
> you use? 

Pretty sure that all venvs I've used know their corresponding binary.

> And is venv installed? Do you need to install virtualenv
> first? How do you... 

Is it virtualenv?  Or are you using virtualenvwrapper which, last I
checked doesn't work in ksh (OpenBSD's default shell) without jumping
through hoops and getting external ksh-specific files?  Or are you
using pipenv?  Or `python -m venv`?  So many different flavors. :-(


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