multiple JSON documents in one file, change proposal

Akkana Peck akkana at
Sat Dec 1 21:09:33 EST 2018

Grant Edwards <grant.b.edwards at> writes:
> This is what "archive" file formats are for.  Just use tar, zip, ar,
> cpio, or some other file format designed to store multiple "files" of
> arbitrary data -- there are plenty of "standard" formats to choose
> from and plenty of libraries to deal with them.

Then the data files wouldn't be human readable, making debugging
a lot more hassle.

Cameron Simpson writes:
> There's a common format called Newline Delimited JSON (NDJSON) for just this
> need.
> Just format the outbound records as JSON with no newlines (i.e. make the
> separator a space or the empty string), put a newline at the end of each.
> On ingest, read lines of text, and JSON parse each line separately.

I'll second that. It's very easy to deal with. A shorter name for it
is JSONL -- I use .jsonl for filenames.
discusses that as well as several other solutions.


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