To check for empty string after a portion of the string in python 3.6

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Mon Dec 3 18:58:00 EST 2018

Again, _please_ use just one list: tutor or python-list. I've have 
directed replies to the tutor list. - Cameron

On 04Dec2018 04:05, srinivasan <srinivasan.rns at> wrote:
>Thanks a lot for your quick responses, Could you please let me know
>when the device is not enabled I get the error " I get the below error
>saying "IndexError: list index out of range""

>Code snippet:
>res = self._helper.execute_cmd_output_string(cmd)
>print("The value of res!!!!", res)
>res = self._helper.execute_cmd_output_string(cmd).split("\n", 2)
>print("the value!!!!!!!!!!!!", res)
>print("the value!!!!!!!!!!!!", res[1])
>if __name__ == "__main__":
>    m = Bt()
>    print(m.bluetooth_scan())
>1. Output when device is enabled:
>The value of res!!!! Scanning ...
>64:A2:F9:06:63:79 OnePlus 6
>the value!!!!!!!!!!!! ['Scanning ...', '\t64:A2:F9:06:63:79\tOnePlus 6']
>the value!!!!!!!!!!!! 64:A2:F9:06:63:79 OnePlus 6

The "None" is because your bluetooth_scan method has no return value (I 
think), which in Python it means it returns None.

>2. Output when device is not enabled
>When the device is not connected, I get the below error saying
>"IndexError: list index out of range"
>The value of res!!!! Scanning ...
>Traceback (most recent call last):
>the value!!!!!!!!!!!! ['Scanning ...']
>  File "/home/srinivasan/Downloads/bt_tests/qa/test_library/",
>line 96, in <module>
>    print(m.bluetooth_scan())
>  File "/home/srinivasan/Downloads/bt_tests/qa/test_library/",
>line 74, in bluetooth_scan
>    print("the value!!!!!!!!!!!!", res[1])
>IndexError: list index out of range

Well, you've printed your list:

  ['Scanning ...']

It is a single element list. So it has an element at index 0. There is 
no element 1. Therefor Python raises an IndexError if you try to access 
that element.

Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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