Focusing on the simple things, KISS, what to use for testing

Morten W. Petersen morphex at
Fri Dec 7 16:35:39 EST 2018

Hi there.

I blogged a bit today, about my surveil project and activity on this
mailing list:

This morning the internet became unavailable, after also being unavailable
this weekend for several days.

So I decided to take a look at my demo board which does surveillance with a
webcam using the surveil app, surveil is here:

Well, one thing lead to another (...), and I locked myself out of the demo

The rest of the blog post is here:

Well, I was wondering what framework to use for testing. I see
functional/integration testing as the most useful and powerful thing I can
do, but it is also nice to be able to do unit-testing, and not end up using
different frameworks.

I'm thinking functional testing on the command, through URLs, and through

I have this old blog software/content management system called the Issue
Dealer, which still runs on Python 2.7 and Zope 2, so it would be nice to
have a testing system which runs on both Python 2 and 3.

This Issue Dealer system is something I might end up ditching, but I guess
it doesn't hurt with some forward thinking with what I choose from now on.



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