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songbird <songbird at> writes:

>   can i put multiple License lines in 
> classifiers like: ?
>           "License :: OSI Approved :: ???",
>           "License :: OSI Approved :: ???",


The semantics of that are not formalised, to my knowledge. You would be
signaling that the specified licenses are involved somehow, but not how
they combine for this specific work.

For this reason (and others) you should always put an explicit,
unambiguous *grant of license* in the work, preferably in the README
document or somewhere prominent like that.

The grant of license is a statement, preferably brief, that says exactly
what the work is, who holds copyright, who receives a grant of license,
and what that grants the recipient to do, under what explicit conditions.

For example:

    Copyright © 2018 Ben Finney <ben+python at>
    Purple Drachma is free software: you are free to copy, modify,
    and/or distribute this work under the conditions of the GNU Affero
    General Public License, version 3 or later as published by the Free
    Software Foundation. See the file LICENSE.AGPL-3.0 for details.

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