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Wed Dec 12 20:30:29 EST 2018

Afriyie Abraham Kwabena <afriyie.abraham at> writes:

> Am trying to create a basic authorization server using client
> credentials flow and client so that the client can send it credentials
> using REST methods (POST) to the authorization server.

At minimum, this implies that you are implementing a web server (either
from scratch, or by plugging your code into some existing web server) to
listen for and respond to the HTTP requests.

Have you already chosen which web server will be receiving requests?

> Can anyone help me or give guidelines how I can achieve this using
> python?

There are existing frameworks (Flask, Django) that make it relatively
straightforward to implement a REST API — that is, relative to writing
it from scratch!

Even using such a framework, you would still be accepting the burden of
implementing and deploying a full web service.

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