and licensing questions

songbird songbird at
Wed Dec 12 22:31:11 EST 2018

Ben Finney wrote:
> songbird writes:
>>   can i put multiple License lines in 
>> classifiers like: ?
>>           "License :: OSI Approved :: ???",
>>           "License :: OSI Approved :: ???",
> Yes.
> The semantics of that are not formalised, to my knowledge. You would be
> signaling that the specified licenses are involved somehow, but not how
> they combine for this specific work.

  ok, thanks, that's good to know.

  i will have a list of each file i've used from
elsewhere, where it came from and as best as i can 
figure it out the licenses/copyright holders and/or
permissions.  i'm not using anyone else's code but
i am using some artwork and a man page that i've

> For this reason (and others) you should always put an explicit,
> unambiguous *grant of license* in the work, preferably in the README
> document or somewhere prominent like that.
> The grant of license is a statement, preferably brief, that says exactly
> what the work is, who holds copyright, who receives a grant of license,
> and what that grants the recipient to do, under what explicit conditions.
> For example:
>     Copyright © 2018 Ben Finney <ben+python at>
>     Purple Drachma is free software: you are free to copy, modify,
>     and/or distribute this work under the conditions of the GNU Affero
>     General Public License, version 3 or later as published by the Free
>     Software Foundation. See the file LICENSE.AGPL-3.0 for details.

  yes, i'll be putting a license on the code and any
of the artwork i've made.

  thank you,


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