When to Use Django & Flask frame work

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VENKEY ROKZS <venkatesh.jonnakuti at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi Viewers,

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>  I am new to java I want to about when to Use Django & Flask..

Typically we use those frameworks more with Python, not Java :-)

> I have started working on it.Anybody can you suggest the difference...

The biggest difference I would point out: Flask is small, Django is big.

More accurately: Both are full web development frameworks, but Flask is
focussed more to allow you to assemble many of the pieces yourself,
which Django makes many of the decisions for you by default.

Even more accurately: Both Flask and Django are reasonably small and
fast, and both allow you to customise the pieces quite well. The
difference I alluded to is rather one of emphasis: Flask expects that
you will want to quite soon replace many of the standard pieces, while
Django expects that you can go the whole application lifecycle without
needing to change any of the default pieces.

I hope that helps! If you have the time, feel free to evaluate each of
them and choose whichever one suits your need. If you don't have time, I
would recommend starting with Django because you will be able to get a
long way without needing to diverge from the default.

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