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dieter dieter at
Thu Dec 13 03:33:03 EST 2018

Afriyie Abraham Kwabena <afriyie.abraham at> writes:
> Am trying to create a basic authorization server using client credentials flow and client so that the
> client can send it credentials using REST methods (POST) to the authorization server. Authrization server then 
> respond with access token. After the access, client can POST, GET, etc to the server for resources.
> Can anyone help me or give guidelines how I can achieve this using python?
> Am new in python (average) and need some guidelines or some links.

As Ben already has pointed out, you have various options for the
choice of the web application framework. I add "Zope[2]" to these options,
potentially together with "Products.PluggableAuthService" and

"Zope" is a so called web application framework which comes with everything
typically required for web applications: url traversal, authentication,
publishing, persistent storage in an object oriented database (the "ZODB",
"Zope Object DataBase"), transaction system, permissions and roles,
user management, ...
The real application comes into existence either by putting objects
into the ZODB or by registering "view"s with the framework.

The framework can be easily extended.
"Products.PluggableAuthService" is such an extension to get
an extremely flexible subframework for special authentication
and authorization needs.
"dm.zope.rpc" is another extension which facilitates the
implementation of "rpc" (= "Remote Procedure Call") services with
Zope based on different protocols.

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