, how to find main program/module?

dieter dieter at
Wed Dec 19 01:57:13 EST 2018

ant <ant at> writes:
> ...
>   yet not quite all the way yet.  i run the 
> commands to make the sdist and wheels and upload
> it using twine to my test account, but when
> i install it and try to run it the is
> not found (i've also tried nfgp and main).
> ...
>   i suspect i've not really understood entry 
> points and may not have it specified correctly in
>   any help appreciated.  :)

I think you are right: the problem is likely with the
"entry_points" specification.

My "dm.zopepatches.ztest" package has
      entry_points = dict(
         console_scripts = [
           'ztest = dm.zopepatches.ztest:main',
This is responsible for the creation of a script called
"ztest" in Python's "bin" directory.

Does your "entry_points" specification look similar?
Do you find corresponding scripts in Python's "bin" directory?

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