testfixtures 6.4.0 released - important bug fix! (again)

Chris Withers chris at withers.org
Wed Dec 19 08:15:38 EST 2018

   Hi All,

   I'm afraid I found quite a [1]serious problem with unittest.mock.call
   objects that is important for users of testfixtures' MockPopen helper.

   This release includes a monkey patch to fix that issue as well as a facade
   over both unittest.mock and the rolling backport on pypi, giving
   preference to the latter, so you don't have to change your code if you
   need to flip to the rolling backport for a while when waiting to a bug fix
   to land in Python core.

   This release also include:

     * Add official support for Python 3.7.
     * Drop official support for Python 3.5.
     * Better feedback when [2]call() comparisons fail when using compare().
     * A re-working of  MockPopen to enable it  to handle multiple  processes
       being active at the same time.
     * Fixes to Mocking dates and times documentation.

   The package is on PyPI and a full list of all the links to docs, issue
   trackers and the like can be found here:


   Any questions, please do ask on the Testing in Python list or on the
   Simplistix open source mailing list...




   Visible links
   1. https://bugs.python.org/issue35226
   2. (in Python v3.7)
   3. https://github.com/Simplistix/testfixtures

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