[SOLVED] Re: ah, progress...

ant ant at anthive.com
Sun Dec 23 12:46:06 EST 2018

dieter wrote:


  thank you for your help.  :)  i finally worked through
the changes needed at last.

  my current package in testing PyPI is at:


  which uses my code from:


  i ended up needing to do two things.  to get all the import
statements changed to include the package/module name and to
change all my image load statements to include the full path
as determined at runtime.

  this may not work on a non-linux or non-posix system from
the binary distribution but the source code distribution may
work ok.  if anyone wants to try it out.

  feedback is appreciated in any case.  :)

  now the next fun steps (figuring out the windows, other 
versions and then the Debian packaging for it).  since i
don't have windows or other machines to test on i don't 
know how that will go.

  cheers and thanks again,


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