next steps to make a python program more available

ant ant at
Thu Dec 27 08:15:37 EST 2018

  ok, i have the program going and installable for my
local Linux distribution.  aka i have it packaged and
on PyPI and it runs from my local terminal command line.

  i have people available for testing it out on Windows
and a Mac, but i don't have any way of knowing what to
do to make the program appear in their Menu system to
make it clickable.

  in MATE (which is what i run here) i can figure it out
as something to do with the desktop, so somehow i have
to do that, but i don't know what keywords to even search
for to do that, desktop icons i guess and menu, but is
there a more global way to set that up?  XDG seems to be
a part of that.

  i'm figuring if i get it working for MATE that it should
also work for Gnome.  i haven't touched KDE in quite a 
few years.

  Windows i'll figure out after the more Linux/Posix 

  so my priorties are about like:

  1. posix/other linux sytems (perhaps Macs fit into this anways)
  2. Macs
  3. Windows

  luckily i do have other examples of python 3 programs which
seem to be multiple platform oriented that i can look at and
see what they've done.  so i won't be forever lost in the

  thanks for help,  :)


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