I lost nearly all my modules installing 3.7

Elliott Roper nospam at yrl.co.uk
Mon Jul 2 14:59:08 EDT 2018

On 2 Jul 2018, Michael Torrie wrote
(in article<mailman.70.1530539952.2754.python-list at python.org>):

> On 06/30/2018 11:10 AM, Elliott Roper wrote:
> > I should have mentioned that none of this went wrong in 3.6. All I'm after
> > are packages I can install with pip3. I really don't need to go down all the
> > twisty passages installing Fortran
> That's because there were likely binary packages available in the PyPi
> repository for matplotlib. Python 3.7 is new enough that there are not
> yet binary "wheels" for matplotlib. So you'll either have to compile it
> from source (hence the fortran compiler), or wait until binary wheels
> show up in pip.
> If you're wanting to use SciPy and matplotlib, I suggest you stick with
> Python 3.6. There's little reason to immediately go to Python 3.7.
> Anytime you upgrade to the very latest version of Python, it's going to
> take some time for binary wheels to be built and placed on PyPi,
> installable with pip. Either that, or make sure you do have the
> compilers, dependent libraries and tools (pkg-config) installed. This
> is easy on Linux. On Mac it's more involved and will likely involve
> installing a whole suite of 3rd-party software like MacPorts.

Thanks Michael, Back to 3.6 after a short wait for a miracle or when I really 
need matplotlib. My doctor read the blood pressure riot act to me, so I 
decided to hit the Python big guns to track my BP after some drastic 
lifestyle changes. I have just had my second and last single shot of coffee 
for the day. I used to down 10 shots before lunch! And I'm typing this stone 
cold sober.

Pandas and Numpy are working OK on 3.7 and I think I have fixed the mess I 
had with some packages needing sudo magic to update, so this whole exercise 
has not been wasted.

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